PATTI HARDING~Glass Garden Art

I have used my passion for art throughout the decades to create a variety of items using many different mediums.  No formal training has allowed me the freedom to create whatever comes to mind by any means necessary to bring my whimsical ideas to life.  I have been so drawn to glass for the last 15 years, starting with stained glass which created a love of the designs and an appreciation for the craftsmanship.  However, I had a craving to expand the mostly 2-dimensional designs.  Moving on to 3-dimensional variations of stained glass provided more of a creative outlet for me, but still did not completely satisfy my spirit. 

While creating a southern bottle tree, I decided to embellish it with votive holders that looked like small flowers.  In stacking the votive holders of different sizes up to get them out of the way, my latest passion was born in the larger flowers that I make.  These are designed using any and all candle holders, plates, candy dishes, and shaped art glass that I can find.  Very little of what I use is round as the oddest shapes make for more unique flowers and I like to provide admirers with something that not everyone on the block has.  Much of my time is spent searching antique shops, thrift stores, vintage stores, and little side-of-the-road shops to find the most unique items to make my one-of-a-kind glass flowers and other items.  I want everyone that chooses one of my items to have the most beautiful and unique garden in the neighborhood or that special statement piece to greet your visitors at your front door.

I do take special requests and try to create as close as possible to what is desired.  I look forward to someday being able to make my own glassware to form the desired shapes, sizes, and colors needed, however, I find it a challenge and much like a scavenger hunt to find the exact right pieces needed for a particular idea.