When our first child was born we needed a changing table. That's where it all began. I took a class at a local lumber mill (yes, a lumber mill), purchased a second-hand table saw and used hand tools and now 39 years later still have the changing table and I have made cradles, cribs and so much more for 9 grandchildren.

A few years ago while visiting an uncle in Kerrville, TX I was introduced to the creativity of a wood lathe. That uncle is well known in the Hill County of Texas for his work and I could hardly believe the wonderful things that can be created! A new passion was born.

I mix both decorative and practical items in the pieces I create...from delicate Christmas ornaments to heavy rolling pins...slender earring stands to cutting boards that will last for generations. I truly enjoy learning how to make something I have never attempted before...and yes, as a result I do make many things that feed the wood stove until I get to the place I want to be.

When you see incredibly artistic painting on any of my items, that is the work of Julie, my wife. She, like myself, truly enjoys the creativity it gives us and the joy it gives to the person who holds the piece.